Experience Serenity in a Hydropool Hot Tub

Hydropool’s Serenity Hot Tubs are designed with comfort in mind, with ergonomic seating and strategic jet placement to provide the best massage. Made in Canada, Hydropool understands winter – that’s why every Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub uses our advanced ThermoShield insulation system.

We offer Hydropool’s complete line of Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs in a variety of sizes and colours, in fresh or salt water, to suit every lifestyle. Many models are in stock at our Waterloo and Guelph showrooms, so visit us today!

3-4 Person Hot Tub

3-4 Person Hot Tub

To comfortably seat 3-4 users, we recommend the Serenity 4000 model.

4-5 Person Hot Tub

4-5 Person Hot Tub

To comfortably seat 4-5 users, we recommend either the Serenity 5000 or the Serenity 5 Special Edition model.

5-6 Person Hot Tub

5-6 Person Hot Tub

To comfortably seat 5-6 users, we recommend the Serenity 6000 model.

6-7 Person Hot Tub

To comfortably seat 6-7 users, we recommend the Serenity 7000 model.

7-8 Person Hot Tub

7-8 Person Hot Tub

To comfortably seat 7-8 users, we recommend the Serenity 8000 model.

Shell Options

Cabinet Options

Here’s what our customers have to say

  • I suffered a severe injury years ago and my neck and back never completely healed. With age I’ve also developed arthritis in my joints. Soaking in my Hydropool Serenity hot tub has definitely proven to be of therapeutic help.

    - Timothy

  • As an athlete and marathon runner my Serenity hydrotherapy hot tub has eased muscles cramps, strains and those nasty aches that come with getting older. My daily soak is as important to my well-being as eating and breathing!

    - Liza G.

  • My hydrotherapy hot tub has helped my body feel and function much better. I have arthritis and more hip replacements than I care to talk about. My once a day, 30 minute high powered body massage has improved my physical and mental well-being.

    - KL Hyde

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