Water Care Products

No matter what your water care needs, we have a huge selection of high-quality hot tub and pool products to keep maintenance quick and easy. From environmentally-friendly options to those for owners with sensitive skin, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for among our range of respected brands.

In order to keep your hot tub or pool in great condition for years to come, regular maintenance is a must. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Below is a list of the different types of hot tub and swimming pool water care products we offer and what they do.

Hot Tub Products

Cleaners & Sanitizers

From the hot tub’s surface to its cover, cleaners and sanitizers help to maintain water cleanliness. Cleaners loosen debris, digest organic materials like body oil and perspiration, and keep your hot tub filter working efficiently. Cleaners also polish surfaces and soften the water to make it more comfortable for those with sensitive skin.

Sanitizers kill germs and microorganisms to keep hot tub water at a safe 3-5 ppm. Some sanitizers can also be used as a periodic shock treatment or boost to keep water fresh and clear. We have a variety of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, phosphate-free options to keep cleaning and sanitizing safe for you and the environment.


Oxidizers are an extremely useful product that rids the water of organic material like body oils, cosmetics, dead skin, and more. Oxidizers are shock treatments that starve germs and microorganisms, reducing non-filterable wastes and keeping the filter working as it should. Oxidizers also boost sanitizer levels and clarify water. Shocking your hot tub regularly can prevent large maintenance or repair costs down the road.


Balancers have many uses that can keep your hot tub and its water in great condition. They are able to prevent staining and scaling caused by imbalances in pH, total alkalinity, product additions, and more. They also buffer pH and total alkalinity in order to soften water and prevent problems, heightening the efficiency of sanitizers. These high-quality products are stable in the presence of sanitizers and oxidizers, and will allow you to use less of other products. All-natural, non-toxic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable products keep balancing safe and easy.


Enhancers keep water dazzling, clear, and comfortable. Some enhancers can be used as a second step to a cleanser to clean the scum line and biodegrade organics like body oil, greases, and cosmetics, as well as to control biofilm. Ionically-charged polishers work in conjunction with the filter system to improve filtration and boost sanitizer results, ultimately lowering costs on other products. Other types of enhancers include those that remove phosphates to prevent scale formation and biofilm contamination, as well as defoamers which immediately suppress foam for more inviting water.

Swimming Pool Products

Cleaners & Sanitizers

Swimming pool cleaners gently yet effectively remove scale, organics, and other deposits from the surface of media and filters, keeping all systems working efficiently. Cleaners also disinfect and remove contaminants from hidden areas.

Sanitizer keeps pool water at a safe 1-3 ppm, killing germs and microorganisms quickly. For results without the damage, we have powerful, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly options available.


Swimming pool oxidizers are used as a shock treatment to clarify water and reduce non-filterable wastes, keeping the filter in good condition and running efficiently. Oxidizers remove organics, such as body oils, perspiration, and waste. Enhanced active oxygen and powerful clarifiers boost the efficiency of sanitizers, saving you money and keeping water safe. Some of our oxidizers even work in as little as 15 minutes per week!


New innovations in balancers mean safer alternatives to traditional methods, such as the dangerous muriatic acid. New, specially formulated products remove the danger and provide a quick and easy way to balance pH and total alkalinity. This prevents discomfort, staining, corrosion, and etching of plaster and grout. Since sanitizers work best within particular pH and total alkalinity ranges, you will also save money on other products by using a balancer, ensuring that they work efficiently. Other balancers also remove dissolved metals and calcium from the water, preventing staining and scaling.


Enhancers deep-cleanse water and surfaces, removing contaminants such as body oils, pollutants, oil, gas, tannins, and more. Removing phosphates from the water also starves algae, prevents scale formation and biofilm contamination, and reduces the demand for sanitizer. Other enhancers provide benefits such as reducing chlorine loss due to sunlight, saving you money on other products. Our all-natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic products are safe, biodegradable, and have no side effects.

Algae Products

Algae products kill algae and prevent algae formation using a concentrated chemistry. Our highly concentrated products mean you can use less and still get amazing results. Highly effective and low foaming, our algae products are an easy way to maintain clear, algae-free water.

Salt Water Products

Our variety of salt water pool products makes maintenance easy. We have specialized primers, shock treatments, and balancers to prevent staining, keep water disinfected and comfortable, boost sanitizer level, and provide superior water clarity. Salt cell cleaners remove scale, organics, and other deposits without harming the cell like some more abrasive cleaners—this extends the salt cell’s longevity and ensures that it is producing chlorine efficiently. Gentle and environmentally friendly, our products make it simple to keep your salt water pool in great condition.

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